License Renewal

Renewal Procedures:

  • Complete an SB-160 for each activity earning renewal points and submit to your School Principal.

  • The Principal will sign and forward with all attachments to the Superintendent for approval and signature.

  • The School Board Office will retain the yellow copy of the SB-160 and will return all else, along with any attachments back to the employee.

  • The School Board Office will use their yellow copy to log approved renewal activities and points, by employee, into an online database.

  • When it's time to renew your teaching license, contact Jason Campbell for a list of your recertification activities. 

  • Attach this listing to a completed three-page “Application for License Renewal” .

  • Submit to your School Principal who will sign and forward to the School Board for final approval and new license processing.

Pursuant to the Code of Virginia, there are several statutory requirements individuals must complete for an initial license to be issued or for license renewal.

Those requirements, along with their links, can be found on the VDOE Statutory Requirements Document