Power Teacher Pro

PowerTeacher Pro 

PowerTeacher Pro is a new, web-based gradebook for PowerSchool that Giles County Public Schools is implementing beginning with the 2018-2019 school year.  

To access your PowerTeacher Pro gradebook:
1. Log in to the PowerSchool Teacher portal
2. Click on the PowerTeacher Pro link in the left menu at the top.

What is PowerTeacher Pro?

This gradebook includes enhanced functionality for managing the classroom, including advanced features for traditional grading. Teachers may use this mobile-friendly gradebook to get their work done quickly and to analyze student performance.  It has been engineered to be used completely within the same web browser you use to access PowerSchool.  This means no more reliance on Java which translates to accessibility on devices not previously capable of running the full gradebook such as iPads and Chromebooks.  Some key features:

  • Access from any device with an internet connection
  • Greatly improved user workflows
  • Easy-to-use graphs and charts to aid teacher analysis and professional judgment
  • Robust single student pages to provide a 360-degree view of student performance
  • Manage assignments and analyze performance across all classes/schools
  • New score attributes 

How Do I Get Started Using PowerTeacher Pro?

The following resources may be helpful as you begin using PowerTeacher Pro.

View a 15 minute video introducing the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook.
View a 25 page Quick Reference Card for using PowerTeacher Pro 
View a 79 page User's Guide for more detailed information.
View a 2 page Overview of the PowerTeacher Pro Gradebook.
View a 4 page Highlight of Key PowerTeacher Pro Features.
View a 2 page flyer on powerful PowerTeacher Pro features.

Do I Still Need the Old PowerTeacher Gradebook?

Your PowerTeacher Pro gradebook does not provide access to classes and content (including grades) for past years when you weren't using PowerTeacher Pro.  If you need to go back and view gradebook information for 2017-2018 and earlier, you will need to launch your old PowerTeacher Gradebook (PTG).  So, don't delete that gradebook launcher just yet.