General Information

Program Narrative Overview

Since the Giles County Public School System is a small, rural system, the primary focus of the gifted program takes place within the regular classroom setting. Students receive a differentiated educational program based on their strengths and their needs. Differentiated Education Plans (DEP’S) are maintained for each student by their regular classroom teacher(s) who provide differentiated activities –these are on-going and document the particular educational individualization each student receives. Parents and students are encouraged to assist the teacher in planning the DEP’S through mutual conferences throughout the school year. A record of differentiated activities offered each grading period is sent home with report cards to keep on-going communication between the teacher(s) and parents.

Students are identified in several areas: The Gifted Education Program allows specific identification/placement for students in Language Arts and/or Math. The program also allows for General Intellectual Ability placement where the students shows strengths in several core subject areas. The Visual Arts program seeks to identify students at an early age that show artistic ability . Allowing for the level of differentiation for each identified student to become more challenging as the student enters into grades 4-12

Overall, the Giles County Gifted Education Program is a small scale program which strives to meet the needs of each gifted education student in Giles County Public Schools, through an interactive, dynamic array of services.

Students programing robotsStudents doing a Lab ExperimentStudents doing Lab experimentsStudents Making Line DesignsStudent doing Art ProjectsStudents doing a Lab Experiment