1. When should I keep my child home sick?
           Answer:  Please keep your child home until they are fever (>100.4) free for at least 24
                         hours without fever reducing medications such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol.  Please
                         keep your child home if they have had vomiting (not food related) or diarrhea
                         within the past 24 hours.

2. My child was sent home with lice, what do I do?

           Answer:   Recommendations for Treatment

3. The flu has been so bad this year, why doesn't the school close for cleaning?

           Answer: The most likely mode of transmission of the flu is airborne. Cleaning wouldn't
                        have much of an effect. The best way to cut down the spread of the flu is for
                        students to stay home until they are fever free with out medications for >24
                        hours and to cover their coughs with their inner elbows, in addition to proper
                        hand washing. Please refer here for more details.
                        https://www.cdc.gov /flu/about/disease/spread.htm

4. The nurse called to let me know my child wasn't feeling well, when do I have to pick them
          Answer:  Reasons that you must pick your students up are as follows...
                        1. Fever >100.4
                        2. Vomiting *witnessed*
                        3. Diarrhea
                        4. Injury that the nurse assesses will keep the student from being able to      
                            comfortably function the remainder of the school day
                        5. Nurse's professional assessment deems it necessary

**** Please make every effort to pick your child up from school within 30 minutes of being notified, if you are unable to do so, please make arrangements for someone who is on your child's pick up list or emergency contacts to do so.

**** Also when your child returns to school please send either a parent note, if you kept them home, or a note from a doctor/dentist/ER if follow up care was needed.